Inaugural 'Big Sports Day' 2016

The 4th July saw the first ever competitive sports day for Catholic schools across Kent.  Over 300 athletes from 19 primary and secondary schools came together for their own mini-Olympiad at the brilliant Julie Rose Stadium in Ashford.  Buses began to arrive as early as 8.30 and by 10.00 each team of 16 athletes began the opening parade followed by an opening prayer led by Fr Philip Gilbert.  The occasion developed as all had hoped into a wonderful combination of determined competition, fun and great sporting appreciation.  Competitors, many of whom were running, jumping and throwing in a real-live athletics stadium for the first time, gave their all for points for their team and the prospect of a place on the podium.  Gold, silver and bronze individual medals were awarded.  Three team competitions took place (for years 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 respectively) with the winners receiving the Archbishop's Cup for Sporting Excellence.  Runner up teams received cups donated by the Catenian Association.  A very special individual award, the Fr Gilbert Cup for Sporting Endeavour, was also made for the first time, going to Mo Mahama of St Peter's Catholic Primary in Sittingbourne.  The common refrain from the many parents present was, 'We must do this again!', and we will!  


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