On this page you will find further detail about the proposed Leadership Restructure.

The proposed Leadership Restructure is a major development for all involved in the Kent Catholic Schools’ Partnership, designed to help protect the future of Catholic education in Kent. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the leadership staff and governor briefings following the position agreed by the Trust Board at its meeting of 6th June.  We have already received a number of thoughts and questions, and have produced a set of Questions and Answers which pick up the majority of these. The Q&A will evolve as people continue to submit their questions and views.

Using the navigation to the left you will find the following information available on this page:

  • Presentations from the Leadership Staff and Governor Briefings
  • Board Papers
  • Current Financial Position: anonymised
  • National Research Summaries
  • Draft Job Descriptions
  • Draft Timeline
  • Questions & Answers

What is important now is for colleagues, individually or collectively, to submit their views at what is an informal stage of consultation and development.  All views will be listened to and taken into account by the Trust Board in determining how we move forward.  Please send views to the following email address: office@kcsp.org.uk, ideally by Friday 7th July or failing that by Friday 21st July.

 As mentioned at the briefings, the Trust Board also agreed on 6th June that we should dedicate time to the proposed restructure at our summer Leaders’ Conference on 10th July.  The conference is for Headteachers, Deputies, Chairs and Deputy Chairs of Governors, and other nominated colleagues, most of whom are already signed up to attend.  This will be an important opportunity to address issues being raised so far, respond and move forward constructively, always mindful of our strategic intent: the preservation, protection and promotion of Catholic education in Kent.