St Joseph's New Arrival

The Easter bunny delivered an early Easter present to St Joseph’s in the form of a bumper Spring arrival of creative outdoor play equipment courtesy of a generous donation of funds by the PTA.

The New Year 1 play area was awash (quite literally!) with the new water play equipment together with a range of car construction, den building and general creative play paraphernalia.

Mrs Dale, who unleashed her inner child to mastermind the new acquisitions, has long planned to transform this external area into an outdoor learning platform for all our infants to give them an additional element of free play. The area is designed to promote gross and fine motor skills, friendships and teamwork, imagination and experience and will be of huge value to all our children and especially for those groups of children who learn in a more tactile, kinetic, visual way. The additional opportunities for investigative thinking and role play have already been embraced with gusto by all of Key Stage 1 with a summer of exploration and fun in prospect.

Whilst we are still seeking avenues of funding for our mud kitchen, we are confident that the new equipment will keep our infants busy for the time being ! 


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