New Sports Kit for St Joseph's

Whilst the collective sporting talents and enthusiasm of St Joseph’s sports teams have never been in any doubt, we have sometimes lagged behind in the sporting sartorial stakes. However, our days in the sport kit wilderness are now over thanks to a generous donation from Mr and Mrs Vas, parents at the School.

Thanks to their kind and timely donation, Mr Jones our Sports Coach has purchased an array of multi-disciplinary kits for every year group so that whatever the sport, age or size of competitor, our pupils can wear quality, fit for purpose sports kit.

The burgeoning sporting calendar over the last year, which has engaged a significant proportion of the school community from squash to tag rugby, gymnastics to athletics, has highlighted the need for flexible but hard wearing kit, with events held across the year in all weathers and on a variety of surfaces.

Many of the items have already made their maiden appearance at recent gymnastic and infant agility competitions with positive feedback from the children in terms of comfort, freedom of movement, sizing and of course style!

So, whether pounding up and down a football pitch, smashing a PB in athletics or performing gravity defying feats of flexibility  we have the  form, function and  now fashion which we hope will prove to be a successful combination over the coming years.