Dover Deanery Summer Mission


This July, the Catholic Dover Deanery of Churches is planning an ambitious ‘Summer Mission’ with the theme ‘Come and See’. We are very keen to involve Catholic schools in the preparation for this brilliant event. Bishop Paul Mason has described the mission as, “a wonderful opportunity for spiritual renewal and invigoration.

We are asking Catholic schools to promote the mission to pupils during Term 6. We have created learning resources for primary and secondary school pupils, including a special assembly Powerpoint that may be used. Pupils will be encouraged to recite the mission prayer and also create artwork, prayers, poems or creative writing to celebrate the theme of “Come and See”. There is also a mission hymn that you can sing with sheet music for different instruments or a backing track should you require it.

A website has been set up to promote the summer mission, you can find it at: This will provide a ‘one stop’ location for all the information needed. You can find and download all of the resources for schools on the website, by clicking on the ‘schools’ link.

If you need any support whatsoever, please call or email me at:  M. 07980936490


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