Is there a Doctor in the House…………………?

St Joseph’s Primary School Broadstairs became an NHS hospital for the day recently when the Educational Business Partnership Kent ran a Bio Science Day at the School.

Funded by Health Education England, our School hall was set up to mimic five departments of an NHS hospital. Exchanging school uniform for white laboratory coats, our 30 Year 6 pupils tested 4 “Outpatients” for data to then diagnose whether hospital treatment was required. Accuracy, teamwork and an eye for detail were the skills worked on during the morning with our Year 6 cohort responding to the tasks with a spirit of curiosity and determination.

The teams were encouraged to analyse the data collected from the “Patients” in order to present their findings and recommendations to Ben Jones, the Health and Social Care Pre Employment Coordinator for Health Education England.

The day was designed by Elena Setterfield, an EBP Consultant, in order raise awareness of the many roles- scientific, medical and administrative – which are offered within the NHS who is the UK’s biggest employer.

Enriching the curriculum by exposure to these opportunities for exploration, collaboration and new experiences is a keystone of St Joseph’s ethos and we are grateful to both Elena and Ben for the time they took in the planning and running of this unique event.