Former Pupil Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane


A Former Pupil Takes A Trip Down Memory Lane

We are often asked what makes St Joseph’s Primary School so special, a question which was resoundingly answered this week by Nicky Henning, a former pupil at the School in 1944-45, who said that the warmth, kindness and friendship she experienced here from the school community have remained with her as strong, happy memories.

Nicky, who now lives in Somerset, returned to Broadstairs this week for the irst time in 71 years and a trip to St Joseph’s was high on her bucket list. During her tour of the school, Nicky was able to share many of her memories of the school where she spent a very happy year amidst the other pupils who at that time ranged from ages 4 -18 years, many of whom boarded at the School. The Sisters, Cecilia, Louise, Monica and Lucy were kind, with a sense of fun and provided the focal point for a warm, happy community which Nicky says was one of the happiest periods of her life.

Whilst Nicky noted the many changes that have taken place over the years during her visit, she felt that the building and atmosphere at the modern day school retained a sense of continuity and warm community that were the very best aspects of her recollections of St Joseph’s. As a non-Catholic herself, her acceptance by the St Joseph’s community at a time when her family had left Croydon due to the bombing, is echoed today by our strong engagement with the whole of our Thanet community irrespective of background or belief system and where we continue to welcome all in an environment of learning and caring together.

A document of Nicky and her sister’s reminisces is attached together with some wonderful photos of her family taken during their stay in Broadstairs.

We thank Nicky for the afternoon she spent with us and we wish her all the best with the rest of her stay in Broadstairs.


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