Where The Wild Things Are

St Joseph's, Broadstairs


When Mrs Dale the literacy coordinator said “Let the wild rumpus start” on World Book Day last week, a host of wild animals descended on St Joseph’s in the guise of unicorns, foxes, tigers, pigs, mice, dinosaurs, Paddington Bears  and even a sloth. A favourite on the school calendar, the theme of the day was animals with the children free to dress up as their favourite literary animal.

The whole school community rose to the occasion with a sea of stripes, spots, scales and whiskers on show throughout the book based activities of the day and all the children certainly “Roared their terrible roars and gnashed their terrible teeth and rolled their terrible eyes and showed their terrible claws” with excitement.

Sadly, it was impossible to choose a “King of the Wild Things” as all the costumes, masks and painted faces were all so well done.

Days like these really focus the children on specific areas of learning and  the flair and enthusiasm shown on the day we hope will translate to a lifetime of enjoyment from books, whether fiction non-fiction, prose or poetry. A final reminder – please do use your World Book day voucher at a bookstore before the deadline.


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