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Holy Family’ to take part in the ‘Mason Mile’, a local one mile park run, to raise money for this year’s BBC’s Children in Need appeal. The BBC will be on site filming. For more information and how to support the whole academy’s plans to run, please contact Sinead Grimes, Academy Business Manager on 01622 756778 or at

Achievement Committee

The Achievement Committee plays a pivotal role in bringing each academy with KCSP to at least ‘good’ and ultimately ‘outstanding’ in the minimum time possible. It will do this within the mission, ethos and values of Catholic Education.


  • The overall purpose of the Committee is to monitor and to support KCSP to ensure that it and its academies are doing all within their powers to ensure that the pupils of the Trusts’ academies each have an excellent education; achieving high standards, flourishing and fulfilling their God given potential.
  • In undertaking this responsibility, the Committee have regard for the communities of the academies, the local context and the role of parents as the first educators of their children.
  • The Committee acts mindful of statutory requirements, the expectations of the Church and its agents, the Department of Education, Ofsted and the implications of its inspection reporting, and other statutory bodies, organisations and education agencies.




Annemarie Whittle - (Chair & Headteacher, Primary Representative) St Margaret Clitherow Catholic Primary School, Tunbridge Wells Deanery

Father Philip Gilbert - Foundation Director & Board Vice Chair

Clive Webster - Chief Executive, KCSP

Marieta Brennan - Foundation Director

Vacancy - (Secondary Representative)




Karen Riddell - (Headteacher, Primary Representative)  St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Dover Deanery

Peter McCabe - (Headteacher, Primary Representative) St Simon of England, Dover Deanery

Colleen Owen - (Headteacher, Primary Representative)  St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Chatham Deanery

Brendan Wall - (Headteacher, Secondary Respresentative) St Simon Stock Catholic School, Maidstone Deanery

Claudia Aquilina - (Headteacher, Primary Representative)  St Thomas' Catholic Primary School, Tunbridge Wells Deanery