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Congratulations to Thierry Maillard, Teaching Assistant at St Teresa's Primary, Ashford who was named Teaching Assistant of the Year for Ashford at the 2019 Kent Teacher of the Year Awards! See our 'latest news' page for the full story!

Audit Committee

The purpose of the Audit Committee is to:


  • review and where necessary to challenge the actions and judgements of Trust and Academy Governance and Management in relation to financial reporting, accounting policies and practices, budgets, unusual transactions, disclosures, adjustments resulting from audits and compliance with Statutory Duties
  • monitor and review the integrity of the Trust's internal financial controls, including procedures to detect and prevent fraud and impropriety and those to identify, assess and manage risks
  • direct the Principal Finance Officer in conducting internal audits within each of the Trust's academies twice per year and to receive reports based upon these exercises; to ensure findings are shared with appropriate Directors, Governors and Staff and to review and monitor Governance and Management's response to findings.



Peter Ventress – Chair

Vacancy - Academy Director