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The KCSP Academy Leaders' Summer Conference on 10th July 2019 was a great success! Please go to our 'Events' page to download the outline for the day and all of the presentations.

Boxing is a "hit" at St Joseph's,Broadstairs

Living up to Muhammad Ali’s exhortation to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee", St Joseph’s Primary, Broadstairs pupils have been showcasing a variety of skills at the new after-school Boxing Club run by Olympia Boxing.


16 pupils from Years 3-6 have been learning how to channel confidence, resilience and self-belief with a drive to improve fitness levels under the watchful eye of Warren, the coach.


All of the techniques taught are designed to be non-contact, with the key message of the club being about sharpening the wits, believing in yourself and promoting good emotional control and self-awareness. Whilst mentally being taught to “walk tall”, the children are put through intensive circuit training, skipping and pad work so that there are a lot of sweaty heads at the end of the session.


Learning these skills and honing physical fitness with a highly trained adult and in a safe space has been a huge “hit” at the academy.