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Congratulations to Thierry Maillard, Teaching Assistant at St Teresa's Primary, Ashford who was named Teaching Assistant of the Year for Ashford at the 2019 Kent Teacher of the Year Awards! See our 'latest news' page for the full story!

Boxing is a "hit" at St Joseph's,Broadstairs

Living up to Muhammad Ali’s exhortation to "float like a butterfly and sting like a bee", St Joseph’s Primary, Broadstairs pupils have been showcasing a variety of skills at the new after-school Boxing Club run by Olympia Boxing.


16 pupils from Years 3-6 have been learning how to channel confidence, resilience and self-belief with a drive to improve fitness levels under the watchful eye of Warren, the coach.


All of the techniques taught are designed to be non-contact, with the key message of the club being about sharpening the wits, believing in yourself and promoting good emotional control and self-awareness. Whilst mentally being taught to “walk tall”, the children are put through intensive circuit training, skipping and pad work so that there are a lot of sweaty heads at the end of the session.


Learning these skills and honing physical fitness with a highly trained adult and in a safe space has been a huge “hit” at the academy.