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The KCSP Academy Leaders' Summer Conference on 10th July 2019 was a great success! Please go to our 'Events' page to download the outline for the day and all of the presentations.

St Joseph's Primary, Northfleet are star players!

Six KS1 students from St Joseph's Primary, Northfleet (Antoni, Joshua, Jan, Tristan, Elizabeth and Oscar) attended a football festival at Dartford FC on Thursday, 9 May 2019. These amazing students played exceptionally well in the unpredictable weather conditions. For a team who only had 2 short practices together, they were unstoppable and unbeatable!


Congratulations to every single player on the team for scoring: Antoni (5), Joshua (4), Oscar (2), Jan (1), Elizabeth (1) and Tristan (1).


The team were a credit to their academy, and their behaviour at the festival was exemplary; the staff at St Joseph's would like to thank the students' parents who provided transport on the day, and without their help, cheering and support, the team would not have been able to take part. Thank you!