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Congratulations to Thierry Maillard, Teaching Assistant at St Teresa's Primary, Ashford who was named Teaching Assistant of the Year for Ashford at the 2019 Kent Teacher of the Year Awards! See our 'latest news' page for the full story!

St Teresa's Catholic Primary School, Ashford

Mission Statement


At St. Teresa's, we try to make the most of all your talents, not just in the main subjects, like Maths and English. We try to encourage the sensitive, kind and creative you! St. Teresa's also tries to succeed in giving you the best religious education possible. We try to make our school as friendly and welcoming as we can. We make God the centre part of our lives. 


St Teresa's aims to being you up in a friendly and loving Christian Community, so that you can enjoy learning as well as having fun with friends. Here we aim to love, care and help our neighbours. 

Headteacher: Mrs B Brown


St Teresa's Catholic Primary School

Quantock Drive



TN24 8QN

Telephone: 01233 622797


Website address: