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Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership

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Development for Chairs of Governors

Led by the National Governance Association (NGA), this course provides training for existing and aspiring Chairs of Governors and includes sharing of information about individual academies and governing context.


This programme offers a blend of flexible learning and will take approximately three terms to complete.  Led by experienced facilitators, participants will attend workshops and access mentoring throughout the duration of the programme.  Learning will be both group-led and independent.


What is included in the programme:

  • six virtual face-to-face sessions focusing on leadership development
  • a 360 appraisal to evaluate strengths and development needs
  • access to interactive e-learning modules and resources
  • participation in action learning sets
  • support with creating a school-based project and action plan


Benefits of the programme

This programme aims to develop chair's leadership skills, ensuring the governance is both effective and sustainable by:


  • developing the chair or future chair's knowledge, leadership skills and networks
  • supporting the creation of an action plan which is realistic in scope and will ensure impact on governance practice and therefor pupil outcomes
  • targeting areas where knowledge gain is required
  • enhancing the chair's awareness of their own strengths and areas for development 
  • creating self-supporting groups to ensure learning continues beyond the duration of the programme 
  • offering delegates a system to problem-solve through action learning sets


Programme outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to demonstrate a clear understanding of strategic leadership within the context of governance.


Participants will:

  • know how to manage and build a team, how to build a relationship with the senior executive leader, and how to plan for succession and other changes, and will be able to lead and influence when required
  • be knowledgeable about governance structures and effective delegation, and how to work with the clerk to best effect
  • understand the governance role in school improvement and will be able to lead the board in effectively challenging the school organisation and its performance
  • be able to assess their own effectiveness, to problem-solve, and to create and sustain their own networks

To enquire about future dates please email governance@kcsp.org.uk


Contact us - Please call 01622 232 662 or email office@kcsp.org.uk

Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership

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