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The KCSP team wishes its students & their families, our colleagues and friends a very happy & restful Summer break, see you all in September for another exciting year!

School Improvement


As set out in the Trust’s Framework for Continuous Academy Improvement, the school improvement team, led by the Director of School Improvement Heather Leatt, provide support and challenge to our academies to improve and provide the very best outcomes for the children and young people entrusted to our care, in a system that is led by academies for the benefit of all. We are committed to targeting resources not only to meet the greatest need, but to ensure that our good and outstanding schools also continue to improve and thrive.


There are a number of key areas which will support academy improvement and effectiveness at all phases and across the system, including:


  • providing targeted support to individual academies, allowing them to improve and flourish
  • reviewing provision to ensure we can meet need effectively
  • improving academy leadership, management and governance.


We work in partnership with all academies, headteachers and local governing bodies, staff, partners, families and communities in Kent to benefit all our children and young people. Our aim is to:


  • keep Catholicity central to all that we do so that shared Gospel values underpin children’s endeavour, resilience and success
  • have clarity about our roles, responsibilities and plans
  • collaborate to ensure the best use of resources, knowledge, skills and experience
  • have courage to do things differently where necessary to ensure a step-change in outcomes
  • ensure that there is consistency in our approach and systems both across the Trust and within our academies.
Picture 1 Heather Leatt, Director of School Improvement
Picture 2 Sarah McBennett, Senior Primary S.I. Adviser
Picture 3 Deborah Wakelin, Primary S.I. Advisor