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St Edmund's Catholic, Dover










St Edmund's Catholic School is rated as a 'Requires Improvement' academy (Ofsted May 2019).


At St Edmund's, their Gospel Values allow students to flourish in their own way, feel truly valued for who they are and therefor confident in their ability to achieve their full potential and become proactive and outstanding members of our society.


While exam results are incredibly important to every student's future success. St Edmund's believe that students should develop in all areas to reach their full potential. The Academy has four pillars which all students strive to develop in their lives;

Academies, Cultural Enrichment, Service & Faith ad Active & Healthy Lifestyles


  • Academies

Every student should strive to achieve as well as they can and make progress in their learning across all subjects. They should have a passion for learning and curiosity about the world around them.


  • Cultural Enrichment

Every student should be able to express themselves and be exposed to our incredibly culturally rich world. Learning an instrument, acting in one-act play, debating or putting on a dance showcase, are just some of the ways students can pursue interests and hobbies with other like-minded students and express their individuality, something to be truly cherished in this day and age.


  • Service & Faith

It is in giving that we really receive life's richest rewards. The Academy open the students' eyes to this fact and encourage them to take part in a wide range of activities that contribute to the world around them. Everything from fund raising and charitable giving to first aid, peer-mentoring and prefectship allowed students to learn more about themselves through service to others.


  • Active & Healthy Lifestyles

The Academy believes that there is an active pursuit out there for everyone. They also encourage students to develop an understanding of the components of a healthy diet, teach them to cook healthy meals and warn them again things that could have detrimental effects on their health and well-being.


Students are encouraged to gain a basic proficiency in each of the four pillars and it is expected that students strive to excel in at least one of these areas too.


Executive Principal: Mr M Walters

Academy Principal: Mr M Wilson


St Edmund's Catholic School

Old Charlton Road
CT16 2QB
(: 01304 201551

*: office@st-edmunds.com

Visit academy website here.

Academy vacancies here.


Download the academy's latest Ofsted report here

Contact us - Please call 01622 232 662 or email office@kcsp.org.uk

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