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Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership

'Academies in Christ' Part of the Archdiocese of Southwark

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The Trust's Shared Vision & Strategy

The Trust's Shared Vision and Strategy was a collaborative statement involving Directors of the Trust Board, Executive Officers and Academy Leaders including our Executive Principals, Headteachers, Academy Principals and Chairs of Governors. 


Read more about our current shared vision and strategy below or download the Trust's PDF leaflet

Our Core Purpose


The Trust's core purpose is to increase the number of children and young people participating in Catholic education, keeping them safe and offering pupils the opportunity to grow in confidence and maximise the potential. The Trust aims to make our academies not only places of outstanding learning but also places where Catholic faith is both taught and nurtured. 


The best outcomes for our pupils


We will give all our pupils the very best start by ensuring their wellbeing and focussing on raising standards, particularly the essential skills of literacy and numeracy as well as employability skills. There will be strategies and plans in place to safeguard all pupils and close the gap between our most vulnerable, those eligible for the Pupil Premium and our other children and young people. We will stretch our most able, with strong Trust-wide ambition in respect of a broad and balanced curriculum. There will be a particular focus on improving the early years, transition from Primary to Secondary, Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). These strategies and plans will be closely monitored and reviewed for positive pupil impact. 


Communication and Collaboration


At the heart of our success will be a community of academies, each with its own unique character, working together with effective collaboration and communication. Our stakeholders will feel a sense of ownership through a commitment to early discussion of new and emerging options and developments. All stakeholders within the Trust will challenge appropriately whilst fully committing to the Trust and the decisions made by the Trust Board on behalf of us all.


Size and scale of our organisation


By 2022 we will have grown to 32 academies within the Kent area of the Diocese and with a retained focus on inclusivity, with KCSP continuing to be for all children and young people of all backgrounds, and all levels. We recognise the increasing priority of our children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) and, working with Kent County Council (KCC), the Education Commission and others, remain open to the possibility of strategically located and enhanced specialist provision in certain academies where it is aids overall specialist capacity. 


Leadership and Governance


By 2022 we will have completed the implementation of a shared leadership, business management and governance structure across the whole of KCSP, with local academy leaders reporting into area, executive leadership and business management roles, which in turn report into the Chief Executive or other senior executive officers. Our governance structure will have evolved and will include:


  1. A skills-led Board of Directors
  2. Skills-led, area executive governance with representation from each academy
  3. Stakeholder focussed governance for each academy


The Board of Directors will set the framework for those aspects of KCSP that need to be standardised across the Trust, those for which we are seeking alignment behind a common principle, and those areas in which academy individuality will continue to be encouraged and celebrated.


Our People


We will have well supported, motivated and caring staff, leaders, governors and volunteers at all levels, growing our own through systemic talent management approaches and coordinated succession planning, with an important focus on indentifying the next generation of Catholic leaders and curriculum specialists. We will attract and retain the best teachers, support staff and leaders through developing a coordinated recruitment strategy, and by our commitment to professional development for all our people which is reflected in how we use our resources, value all personnel, and continually strive to develop our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Core Offer Programme.


Long Term Sustainability


Our core purpose can only be achieved by building an organisation that helps ensure high quality Catholic education long into the future. Therefore by 2022 we will have:


  • Built up reserves managed centrally to both support improving individual academy effectiveness, but also for strategic investment and innovation
  • Made early evidence-led investment decisions addressing curriculum outcome areas that can either be strengthened, or be developed from an unacceptably low base
  • Reduced the range of financial variation between our academies, to see an increasingly equitable experience for all our children and young people
  • Reviewed our academy organisation, including any structural changes where it makes education or financial sense, whilst remaining committed to all the locations where we currently provide places


Contact us - Please call 01622 232 662 or email office@kcsp.org.uk

Kent Catholic Schools' Partnership

Barham Court, Teston, Maidstone, Kent, ME18 5BZ