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Mental Health & Wellbeing Support & Resources

Trust Staff Wellbeing Guide
The KCSP Staff Wellbeing Guide includes a detailed narrative about our wellbeing survey results, provides information on how we can help and support ourselves, and also sets out the commitment that KCSP has made to support the wellbeing of every person across the Trust.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Support:

Many respondents to the recent KCSP Wellbeing Survey said that a central place that contains information on where to access help and support would be really helpful.  We have responded to this as part of our commitment to building an open and supportive culture in which all of our pupils, young people and staff feel valued, able to talk about their health and wellbeing, and know where and how to access support if they need it.  


The Trust has a dedicated Safeguarding & Wellbeing Manager, Hazell Ball. Hazell supports and promotes Safeguarding and Wellbeing systems across all of our schools, and is leading the Trust forward as it develops its Wellbeing strategy. The Wellbeing Survey and discussions with colleagues and pupils from across all of our schools has really helped to inform our strategy.  We recognise the need to ensure that our wellbeing strategies and interventions are a high priority that enable good working patterns; resilience and self-management strategies.  We want to work with Mental Health and Wellbeing Leads in schools to ensure a consistency of approach in this respect.


Below you will find a range of wellbeing and mental health resources, the Trust will continually grow and add to this bank of resources, so if you have any comments or suggestions of additional information which we could include, please contact Hazell directly at:


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