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School Performance (Secondary)

Key Stage 4 - 2019 


  • All five of the Trust’s secondary schools are non-selective within Kent, which is a fully selective county at age 11. 
  • Overall the Trust had an average Attainment 8 (A8) score of 44.8, +1.3 on 2018’s score.  Four schools had scores over 40, meaning that on average students in these schools gained a standard pass across the 8 subjects (grade 4+).  One school, St Simon Stock, had a score of 50.9 meaning that the average A8 grade was a strong pass (grade 5+).
  • The Progress 8 (P8) national average is zero.  Overall the Trust’s provisional P8 score of +0.10 is significantly above the national average.  It is higher than the Kent LA average of -0.11 and has a three-year trend of being above 0, compared with the Kent LA three-year trend which is below 0.
  • The percentage of students gaining a strong pass in Basics (English and Maths combined) increased by 4% in 2019.


Key Stage 5 - 2019 


  • At Key Stage 5, the average A level grade attained by students was C-, in comparison with the national average of C+. 
  • The average grade for Applied General Courses (BTECs) was Merit+, in line with the national average.


By following the links below, you will be able to view the latest available performance data for each of our secondary academies:


St Anselm's Catholic, Canterbury

St Edmund's Catholic, Dover

St Gregory's Catholic, Tunbridge Wells

St Simon Stock Catholic, Maidstone

Ursuline College, Westgate-on-Sea

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