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Peel Ports visit St Edward’s Catholic Primary School, Sheerness

On Thursday 25th April, St Edward’s had a very special visit from staff at Peel Ports. Lisa, Freya, Paul and Tony gave an assembly to the whole school teaching pupils more about local industry and how goods are imported (and exported) from the very busy port in Sheerness. It was amazing to learn about the kinds of goods which arrive on our shores before being distributed around the country, as well as how staff are used, in many different ways, to guide the ships into port; unload the containers; use the cranes and mechanical equipment as well as how they look after one another. 

After the assembly, Years 1, 4 and 5 were lucky enough totake part in workshops with the Peel Port staff. Year 1 loved the interactive activities that showed them more about what is imported and how it is transported around the country. They tried on PPE equipment and learnt more about how to keep yourself safe whilst working in the port. 


Years 4 and 5 learnt all about the journey of bananas across the world, into Sheerness. Each ship that arrives, carries about 80 million bananas! Later this term, pupils will be heading to the port to have a look around for themselves. 


The Chiquita banana company, who are based in Sheerness Port, donated 400 bananas to the school community, along with many other goodies, including aprons, pens, inflatable bananas, and shopping bags. Peel Port also very kindly gave a gift of balls to the classes for their playtime boxes. The bananas were gratefully received by parents and families at the end of the school day.


We have really enjoyed having members of the port community to visit St Edward’s and we are looking forward to visiting them and learning even more about our local area!

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