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St Mary's Primary, Deal meet the world of Harry Potter!

Year 5 pupils at St Mary's Primary, Deal have been learning about Harry Potter as their topic for this term; they had a big surprise when the flying Ford Anglia from the second book - The Chamber of Secrets - arrived in their playground!      All the pupils and the teachers were tremendously excited and got to sit in car where the Weasley family actors, Rupert Grint, Julie Walters and Mark Williams have sat. We even saw their signatures on the sun visors.     The car belongs to the Godfather of one of year 5 pupils; he takes it to conventions and events all over the world. The car has a cage containing Hedwig, a golden snitch smashing through the window, plays magical music and at the swish of a wand you can turn on the headlights!  3 / 3 St Joseph's Primary, Northfleet are working for the world! Thu 20 Jun 2019 Letters from pupils at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary, Northfleet, advocating preservation of theSome of the pupils at St Gregory's Primary, Margate have won the Trinity College Arts Award for their work with The Royal Shakespeare Company and The Marlowe Theatre (pictured below). The budding actors gave a wonderful performance of Romeo & Juliet at the Marlowe Theatre last term.

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