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Great news! Chartwells staff awards;

Anouska May and Emma Johnston from the Finance Team here at KCSP attended a training day at Chartwells. Chartwells gave out awards covering different areas. Please see below a list of winners from both our primary and secondary academies. A big well done to all!! 


Primary Winners


Can Do Manager KCSP 2018 

Jackie Kirby – St Mary’s Deal

Takes a positive approach to opportunities and challenges

Always wants the best for school, pupils and business

Works positively with both the school and the Area Team

Faced new opportunities and challenges, launching a send out with a great, positive attitude, and now increasing her adult meals with a bespoke service


Responsibility Manager KCSP 2018

Angela Rigby – Stella Maris

Takes ownership of actions and makes a positive contribution

Taken full ownership of new systems and procedures

Built an excellent relationship with the school, exceeding all expectations

Skilfully balances between the business and the school community

Embraced changes with new send out


Integrity Manager KCSP 2018

Helen Woods – St Simon’s, Ashford

Sets the highest ethical and professional standards

Kept open and honest communication throughout mobilisation and Parent Pay introduction

Always does the right thing by the school and the business

Runs a professional, quality service with minimum fuss


Passion Manager KCSP 2018

Debbie Evans – St John’s

Takes pride in delivering superior food and service

Always produces and displays lovely food, fully embracing new ideas

Upbeat and happy, even in the face of adversity – determined to push her standards to the next level

Passion shows every day in the food at the hatch, the attention to detail, and in customer service for school and pupils alike


Teamwork Manager KCSP 2018

Di Brooks – St Mary’s Whitstable

Working in partnership in pursuit of shared goals

Always supports colleagues, drawing a team together and ensuring each member plays to their strengths, and is happy at work

Continually conscious of how the team are working as a whole; looks for ways to improve

Never wants to take credit for her excellent leadership – always lays recognition firmly with her team members


Customer Service Manager KCSP 2018

Amanda Stansall – Holy Family

Making our customers smile every day

Works quietly in the background, making great relationships and delivering excellent service both to school and pupils

Confidently supports additional school activities with a smile and an encouraging word

Her friendly manner and positive, helpful approach keep everyone happy – nothing is too much trouble


Uptake Queen KCSP 2018

Tracey Detreuilh – Our Lady of Hartley

Going the extra mile to improve and maintain uptake

Works quietly to improve and maintain meal numbers, utilising the skills of the Participation Manager to try new ideas

KS1 peaked at 91.3% uptake in May, and has not dropped below 80%, even through the summer months

Maintains good levels of 40%+ with KS2


Manager of the Year KCSP 2018

Kerry Jacobs – St Edward’s

The best of the best!

Works exceptionally hard to deliver exemplary service

Fully embraced the new white china, and constantly trying new presentation ideas from the Facebook group

Great partnership approach with the school to achieve outstanding customer service

Works brilliantly with the Area team, helping out whenever she can

Exceeds all 5 Compass values


Secondary Winners


Can Do Manager KCSP 2018

Toni Wright – St Edmunds Toni has taken on the mammoth task of running her own unit at the same time as mobilising, and has been so positive in her outlook, embracing all changes and learning new skills. Her cheery disposition and Can Do attitude is not only appreciated by the Area Team, but also the school and her unit members


Responsibility Manager KCSP 2018

Kathy Head – St Anselms Kathy has shown great skill in managing her business and GP, always looking for ways to improve and asking searching questions. Her desire to ensure accurate figure collation in the face of IT adversity has shown true determination and grit.


Integrity Manager KCSP 2018

Tracey Newcombe – Ursuline Tracey runs a professional, quality service, often in challenging circumstances, maintaining integrity with Area team, colleagues and school alike


Passion Manager KCSP 2018

Darren Poulter – St Gregory’s Darren’s passion and excitement for his service has been proved time and time again, delivering restaurant quality food in a secondary school setting. A regular contributor to the KCSP Facebook group, his ideas and enthusiasm bring inspiration to many colleagues.


Teamwork Manager KCSP 2018

Mervat George – St Simon’s Stock Mervat has faced a challenging few months with her team as they have together negotiated mobilisation, delivery excesses then shortages, staff vacancies and much more. Even during a most difficult phase, Mervat has pulled the team together and they have emerged stronger than ever before.


Uptake King KCSP 2018

Darren Poulter – St Gregory’s Darren takes time to listen and understand his customers’ requirements, then gives them exactly what they want – and sometimes even something they never knew they wanted! Consistently running at 10-18% uptake improvement on last year, Darren has made an outstanding to start to the new contract


Manager of the Year KCSP 2018

Darren Poulter – St Gregory’s Darren works exceptionally hard to deliver exemplary service. He has a great partnership approach with the school, and his team adore him. Exceeding all 5 of the Compass values, Darren is set to become an outstanding member of our team

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